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Always start here ...with a VISIA Skin Analysis and Report.

Cavi Med Spa tests your complexion before any suggestions are made, 

VISIA Skin Analysis Machine

Before you start any type of skin treatment, come in and have a VISIA™ Complexion Analysis performed. It's free and it's worth $150. A VISIA™ Complexion Analysis is a skin test that provides a multi-dimensional view of several different aspects of your skin, both on the surface and below it. 


VISIA™ allows us to understand how and why your skin is damaged. It can also provide a comparison of your complexion with other women.  Once we have a readout of your precise skin profile, we will be able to determine the best treatment plan that will achieve your desired goals. Start in and at the right spa …Cavi Med Spa.


Contact Cavi Med Spa today for a free VISIA Skin Analysis consultation.

VISIA Skin Analysis shows us what needs to be treated and where.

VISIA Skin Complexion Analysis
VISIA Complexion Analysis

For more information on VISIA Skin Analysis, view videos below.

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