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Get fresher, smoother skin quicker with a Vi Peel.

A Vi Peel is effective on all skin types from light to dark, and all age groups from teens to seniors.

Acne-Free Skin

Vi Peel is a skin treatment that improves the appearance of your face, hands and chest. Now you can eliminate skin damage from acne scarring, sagging skin, sun spots, enlarged pores, freckles, wrinkles and hyper pigmentation. Vi Peels allow fresher, smoother skin to take the place of the older damaged skin.


It has proven results for treatment on any skin type and can be reapplied until the desired result is obtained. You can return to regular activities after treatment but direct sunlight needs to be avoided and a good moisturizer is recommended. Vi Peels can even be combined with other treatments.

Contact Cavi Med Spa today for a Free ViPeel consultation.

Before & after images of VI Peels.

Before & After VI Peel Facial
Before & After VI Peel Sun Spot Reduction
Before VI Peel Acne Reduction
After VI Peel Acne Reduction
Before VI Peel Acne Treatments
After VI Peel Acne Treatments
Before VI Peel Age Spot Treatments
After VI Peel Age Spot Treatments
Before VI Peel Acne Facial
After VI Peel Acne Facial
Before & After VI Peel Acne Scarring Treatments

For more on VI Peels, view videos below.

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