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See some of the actual 5 star reviews we've received from the great service we've provided.

Cavi Med Spa has the reviews you're looking for in a med spa.

“Jessica and Kathy are amazing! They are so friendly and sweet! I came here to get VI peels and a facial. My skin is looking amazing. I have gotten one every month. I save so much money in makeup and skincare products.”

Monique M.

“My friend and I both had our first chemical peel. It was GREAT. Jessica and Kathy were extremely knowledgeable, helpful and sweet. Our skin both look beautiful and healthy already!  Thanks again! We will be back xo”

Lindsay S.

Had the most amazing facial. The products they used really made a difference compared to other spas. I am very very happy with my results and will definitely recommend them to all my friends and all of my clients.

Mayelin T.

Not only did I have great results every time I went to this place, but they really know what they're doing and you can trust their advice. I went for microdermabrasion, but they recommended something better for me due to my sensitive skin.

Nick L.

Awesome experience! They make you so comfortable talking to them. Decided to try the VI peel. It is awesome and I seen a difference right away. Came back for the microdermabrasion and it was heaven! I Can't wait to go back !

Maya C.

I've been going to the CaviSpa for several years. I've had the Cavi Lipo treatment, chemical peels and fillers. They are extremely professional and immaculate. I have recommended this place to others as well as to my own family.

Joan C.

I went for the VIPeel. They created a treatment plan to address my brown spots from sun damage. After treatment, I received a small bag of after care product and a step by step brochure which they reviewed with me very carefully.

Claire G.

Absolutely loved the results! The staff was also super sweet and professional. Vicky explained everything to me and offered some very good products for my skin. Totally recommend this place.

Evelyn S.

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