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Light Therapy corrects and prevents skin conditions.

Healing light targets where you need it most to fight acne and reduce visible skin damage.

Celluma Pro Light Therapy

Light therapy utilizes low-energy LED light to treat skin and promote healthy cells by repairing and replenishing them. It will assist in increased circulation, moisture retention, cellular growth and even kills acne bacteria and prevents future breakouts. Light therapy also stimulates collagen and elastin; what your skin needs to say fresh looking.


LED light therapy works safely and effectively, without abrasive chemicals, harmful UV-rays or side effects. Since the LED light therapy wrap is flexible, it can deliver it’s healing light exactly where you need it. The result is clearer, smoother, and a more radiant complexion.


Contact CaviSpa of Tampa for a Free LED Light Therapy consultation.

Celluma helps with wrinkles, spots and acne.

Before Celluma
After Celluma
Before Light Therapy
After Light Therapy
Before Celluma Light Therapy
After Celluma Light Therapy

LED light therapy is powerful and safe and is also effective for the following: 

• Muscle & Joint Pain

• Muscle Spasms

• Relieving Stiffness

• Promoting Relaxation

• Gaining Muscle Tissue

• Increasing Blood Circulation 

• Improve Wound Healing

• Decrease TMJ

Celluma Rx
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