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All of the most effective face treatments are at CaviSpa.

Click or tab on the desired treatment to learn more about that service.

Measures UV Damage, Texture, Wrinkles, Pores & Spots to Provide Best Treatment Options.

Eliminate Skin Damage On Your Face, Hands and Chest For A More Youthful Look

Gentle & Effective With Extreme Precision In As Little As One Treatment

Improve & Correct Your Skin Texture Non-Surgically With Silkpeel Dermalinfusion.

Exfoliate Your Skin By

Removing The Damaged Outer Skin Cells

Learn About The Many Benefits Including Cleaner, Smoother & Younger Looking Skin

Long-lasting Treatment For Facial Lines, Wrinkles, Crow's Feet & Frown Lines

Advanced Technology Whitens Your Teeth Safely, Quickly, And With Maximum Results

Non-Surgical Skin Resurfacing & Anti-Aging. Reduces Wrinkles, Improves Texture

Exfoliate Your Skin,  Improve Tone/Texture, Treat Sun Damage, Wrinkles & More


Get Long Lasting Full Eyebrows Shaped Exactly How You Envision Them To Look

Deeper Skin Treatment For Pigmentation, Scarring, Large Pores And More

Kills Acne Bacteria, Anti-Aging, Pain Management, Stimulates New Cell Growth

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