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Tighten the skin on almost any part of your body.

Treat loose skin with a non-invasive procedure that is effective and long lasting.

Tight Skin

Skin on your body can begin to sag due to many different reasons. You may need skin tightening on your stomach due to child birth. Or you may need skin tightening on your neck do to age. You may even need skin tightening on your arms due to weight loss. Even cheek folds on the face can be treated. Whatever the case may be, we can help.

The skin tightening treatments that Cavi Med Spa perform are very effective and also no-downtime procedures. So they can even be administered on a lunch break. Immediate results are common but depending the size of the area to be treated, it may take a series of treatments to see positive results.


Contact us today to schedule a free skin tightening consultation.

Before and after pics of skin tightening.

Before Belly Skin Tightening
After Belly Skin Tightening
Before Arm Skin Tightening
After Arm Skin Tightening
Before Neck Skin Tightening
After Neck Skin Tightening
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