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Get fuller eyebrows that last longer with Microblading. 

Nothing resembles realistic and natural eyebrow hairs better.

Fuller Eyebrows

The secret to fuller eyebrows that look natural and last long is microblading. Microblading creates very fine lines to closely resemble realistic and natural eyebrow hairs. It is not permanent but it can last a long time, up to a couple years. Microblading is not like a tattoo, it just lightly scratches the surface. The strokes are much finer and are far more natural looking than a tattoo. 


We can help you create the best shaped eyebrows for your face. When it comes to creating beautiful brows with Microblading, we are fine artists. Every stroke is performed with purpose, in the right direction, to the correct length and in the proper position.


Microblading is a definite solution to pencilling eyebrows in for the next couple years. Send us a pic of the eyebrows you wear now and a pic of the eyebrows you would like to have.

Contact CaviSpa of Tampa for a Free Microblading eyebrow consultation.

Before & after images of Microblading:

Before Eyebrow Microblading
After Eyebrow Microblading
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