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Cavi Spa MediSpa

Welcome –Experience the core of Cavi MediSpa in Long Island — where we adhere to the natural form and create the essence of beauty. CaviSpa follows the body’s incomparable design in pure engineering art form to enhance the original you not inventing a radical you.

Whether you are seeking Breast Augmentation, facial rejuvenation, or body contouring, Cavi Medi Spa offers subtle enhancement to assets you already possess creating a look that is authentically unique and self-confidence that is the foundation of true beauty. Our practice and philosophy is to play a transformative role to enhance each patient’s individual beauty and procedures that result in natural appearance instead of a frozen or fake look. Welcome to Cavi Medi Spa in Garden City on Long Island. The following credit cards are also accepted here in Long Island:

Major Credit Cards Accepted